We stock sashes of many styles, varieties, and colours.

Our sashes come included in our chair cover package; yet you can of course hire them out individually. We pride ourselves in the thicker, wider, and highest quality fabric which we use for our sashes, allowing for a lavish and more colourful look.
Prices below reflect hiring our sashes as apart of the Lycra Chair Package. If you wish to hire sashes separately, please email us for a quote.

Add To The Look…

Want a way to bling up your wedding chairs? An easy fix is to add one of our brooches onto the back of you chair. We stock a variety of diamond brooches.

Types of sashes …

Organza Range

Light Pink 5015

Antique Pink 5017

Baby Pink 5018

Hot Pink 5025


Cerise 5026

Red 5040

Coral 5112

Burgundy 5095

Cranberry 5097


Aubergine 5120

Two Tone Purple 5099



Two Tone Lilac 5100

Lilac 5030

Light Lilac 5028

Light Ice Blue 5065

Cornflour Blue 5068

Tiffany Blue 5070

Turquoise 5059

Petrol Blue

Light Royal Blue 5042

Royal Blue

Mint Green

Appel 5061

Sage Green 5063

Emerald Green






£3.00 each

Cream 5116

Ivory 5115


Gold 5012

Lemon 5033

Yellow 5035

Burnt Orange 5038

Orange 5054

Peach 5049

Light Peach

Taffeta Range

Ice Pink Taffeta

Pink Taffeta

Coral Taffeta

Red Taffeta

Lilac Feather

Ice Blue Taffeta

Tiffany Blue Taffeta

Royal Blue Taffeta

Silver Taffeta

Black Taffeta

White Taffeta

Ivory Taffeta

Blush Taffeta

Champagne Taffeta

Satin Range

Burgundy Satin

Baby Satin

Lilac Satin

Purple Satin

Navy Satin

Light Blue Satin

Sage Satin

Emerald Satin

Bronze Nude satin

Other Sashes

Floral Organza


Hessian & Floral

Hessian & Lace


Need More Details?

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